About the Organisation

LexQuest Foundation is a non-partisan, non-profit law & policy research and action organization established in 2014 in New Delhi. We conduct extensive legal and policy research and analysis to provide transformative solutions to public interest issues. At the core of our work lies our understanding of law as an expression of driving social change & creating a just & equal society. 

We defend the rights of the marginalised and seek to extend and secure the civil liberties of all communities through legal & policy reform. We are dedicated to improving the public policy framework in our country to ensure sustainable development and growth for all citizens.

We strongly believe in the emancipatory potential of law, and through our multidisciplinary approach & intersectional initiatives, we ensure that our social & governance interventions have underpinnings of access to justice.

Call for Blog Posts: 

LQF invites article submissions for our blog, from lawyers, policy professionals, students, academicians, and individuals from any other social science disciplines, who are interested in delving into the contemporary national and international issues through their research & writing.


LexQuest Foundation invites submissions from lawyers, academics, policy experts, students, and others interested in issues relevant to public interest for publication as articles  in our blog.


We expect to have submissions on topics relevant to the work and objectives of LQF. Any manuscript shall be taken for consideration if it pertains to social progress and the role of Law & Policy therein. This includes but is not limited to articles evaluating contemporary trends as well as research notes, opinion pieces, and case comments. Blog pieces that are interdisciplinary in character and analyse contemporary legal challenges are welcome. All the submissions will be evaluated in accordance with the clarity of the authors’ vision and the strength of the idea they are trying to express via their writing. 

Submission Guidelines:

  • The submissions must be sent only at: work.lexquest@gmail.com. Kindly note that submissions made anywhere else will not be considered for publication. 
  • The word limit for the blog is 800-1500 words. If the submissions exceed the limit specified, it may be accepted and published in parts. 
  • The submissions should be made in Microsoft Office .doc/.docx format or in Google Documents (with Editing Rights provided to us). 
  • Within 7 days of receiving the submission, the LQF Team will reach out to the authors with an acknowledgement mail. 
  • The submissions are accepted on a rolling basis. 
  • Author(s) can make multiple submissions for publication. 

Details Required: 

Author(s) are required to share the following details through email:

  • Name of the author(s)
  • Designation- (Student/ Professional/Academics) as applicable
  • Theme of the article
  • Title of the Submission
  • Contact Details- Email, Phone Number, Address. 

Content Guidelines:

  • The submission must be an original piece of work that is unpublished and not in consideration for publication in other places. 
  • The author(s) are required to provide the links of the sources, facts or authorities that have been referred to as only hyperlinks in the submission. The author(s) are not required to add references as footnotes or endnotes or follow any particular citation styles apart from providing links to the sources. Follow this link to understand the format that is required to be followed. 
  • Only English Language submissions are accepted. 


Co-authorship is permitted to the extent of two authors only. 

Evaluation Process:

The submissions will be evaluated and assessed based on the following:

  • Content-Clarity and Research 
  • Originality and Relevance of Research 
  • Structure and Flow of Research 
  • Relevance and Effectiveness to the Theme 
  • Presentation and Writing Effectiveness

Other Instructions:

  • Copyright of the blog articles shall rest with the organization. The organization holds the right to republish the articles if required.
  • The Team will review the submission to ensure that it meets the guidelines and standard of publication and reach out with a decision on whether or not the submission will be  published on the blog or not, within 10 days from the email acknowledgement. 
  • Decision of the Team shall be final and binding in all matters pertaining to the publication. 
  • Cross-posting to other platforms is permissible only after due acknowledgement of prior publication on the LQF Blog. 


We at LQF abhor the practice of plagiarism, and thus have a strict policy against it. Any submission which is found to be plagiarised will be promptly rejected. 


Publication at our blog requires no payment. It is free of charge. 

Contact Details:

For queries, please feel free to contact us at: work.lexquest@gmail.com