We, at LexQuest Foundation, urge your participation in our Digital Education and Empowerment Drive, dedicated to ensuring inclusive and equitable access to education for students from deprived and excluded sections of society. 

Despite several education policies and schemes being in place, about 32 million Indian children, the majority of which belong to socially disadvantaged sections, have not gone to school, as pointed out by the National Sample Survey Office (NSSO) report produced in 2014. Additionally, the complexity of content offered by school textbooks escapes the comprehension level of students who have not been exposed to quality education due to their poor socio-economic backgrounds. Many children, in this manner, are excluded from receiving formal education and consequently alienated from learning about their constitutional rights and entitlements. 

Segregated by numerous markers of privilege like class, caste, gender, sexuality, language, and more, our education system incessantly cements and reinforces inequalities. In such a scenario, it becomes our duty as responsible citizens to assess the role of the state and its policies in addressing educational deprivation and concerns of children belonging to marginalized and excluded families and do our bit towards building an accessible form of education for all.

Through our Digital Education and Empowerment drive, we strive to do our bit towards creating an inclusive and equitable educational space that leaves no child behind. As champions of free and fair education for all, we aim to make online educational content for underserved school and college students and to educate them about coursebook content and policy education, respectively. We understand the intense need for each individual to be aware of their fundamental rights as citizens of India. Thus, we aim to equip the students who have no access to quality education to understand their constitutional rights and further empower them to become aware and responsible youth of our future. 

Pursuing an egalitarian mission amidst growing inequalities is a difficult challenge. As a non-profit organization, we make the best of our efforts only due to the financial support we receive from supporting organizations and individuals like you, who are united against exclusionary principles characterizing the education system and strive to make education reachable to the marginalized groups. 

We plan to be consistent in our efforts towards building an inclusive digital educational space. With the help of your donations, we will make sure that regular, frequent, and easily accessible content is produced and circulated widely to children and young students. Your contribution will assist in continually improving our quality of content that we provide to the children. Your financial support will help sustain the fight for the right to education and enable underserved children to secure education and information otherwise denied to them by their socio-economic conditions.

You can get to know more about our advocacy initiatives in the domain of education here.

You can choose to donate through this link or write to us at info.lexquest@gmail.com for information about our requirements in detail.