We, at LexQuest Foundation, urge your participation in our initiative of Policy Research and Education, dedicated to creating an accessible research database on public administration and policies, and to further highlight their status and impact on ordinary citizens.

The realm of public policy is large, consisting of a myriad system of laws, regulatory measures, etc., with a wide range of public policy issues lying at the intersection of issues of health, education, governance, environment, and beyond. Notably, there exists a strong link between public opinion and public policy, with the former having a substantial influence on the latter, as argued by many social scientists. 

Given the proliferation of government policies in the public domain, it becomes crucial to understand how these policy measures shape our everyday existence, especially when the results of public policy deliberations end up becoming regulations that significantly shape our life. Unfortunately, there is very little explanation in the public domain concerning these policies and their impact.

Driven by the impetus to focus on policy research on a diverse range of developmental issues, our initiative of Policy Research and Education seeks to primarily provide a framework for policy evaluation from a critical lens. Under this initiative, the wide array of research databases developed by our professionals is being made easily accessible for direct utilization by policymakers, policy enthusiasts, professionals, students and other stakeholders. The content, usually prepared with inputs from stakeholders belonging to different strata of the society, guarantees an accessible framework of understanding the fundamentals of policy formulation while addressing complex public policy questions and analyzing how they relate to social problems.

We understand that the subject matter of government policies can be extremely intricate and technical. This can impede the interaction between public opinion and policy-making, thereby hampering the foundational principles of a democracy. To bridge this gap, we also wish to host regular discussions on varied policies in a simplified manner, to enable larger public participation and opinion. This is a task that can be fulfilled efficiently, only with the financial assistance from individuals and organizations, much like you, who value the importance of democratic dialogue and active public participation in policy-making.

With your donations, we will make sure that well researched content is made easily accessible to the public. A comprehensive study of public policies, their impact, problem areas, and possible reforms will be disseminated to facilitate democratic action and expression. With the resources procured with the help of your contribution, we will continue to produce high-quality, comprehensive material and make sure that the quality standards are met with, as well as improved periodically. We urge you to join us in our endeavour to achieve active public engagement and accountability in policy formulation and implementation.

You can access this material in the Law and Policy Ed. Section on our website, here.

You can choose to make a donation through this link, or write to us at info.lexquest@gmail.com for information about our requirements in detail.