We, at LexQuest Foundation, urge your much-needed contribution towards our initiative to ensure the availability of ration, menstrual, and cleaning supplies for the underserved community.

The unprecedented urbanization process in Indian cities like Delhi has inevitably blurred the boundaries between rural and urban areas. The growing economic disparity has given rise to issues of lack of adequate sanitation and social security in the villages of Delhi, making the urban poor suffer disproportionately. Large inequities in terms of health services continue to persist and have gradually widened across communities. With the onset of COVID-19 and inadequate state provisions for food distribution, the situation has noticeably become worse for the urban poor, with lockdown-induced poverty pushing people to skip meals, starve and live in unhygienic conditions. 

The idea behind our initiative centers around tackling this particular issue: lack of adequate sanitation and social security in the villages of Delhi. We believe that such unfavorable living conditions, while being inhuman, hamper the economy further due to subsequent reduction in labor force participation. In order to ensure the smooth running of cities and commerce, it becomes imperative to guarantee the labor force (majorly comprising the urban poor) healthy and hygienic living conditions, along with ration supplies, thus ensuring safe and secure livelihoods that will then enable them to be most productive. 

Our aim is to provide essential materials and relief packages such as ration, menstrual, and cleaning supplies to the underserved community of the urban poor. The financial contribution we receive from mindful people like you will be channeled into promoting the social security and well-being of our beneficiaries. As responsible citizens, we must utilize available resources and translate them into useful aid for those who are in dire need of social and sanitary security. This initiative is a step forward in our fight against systemic inequality that has rendered the urban poor helpless in such trying times.

To be able to execute relief measures and provide the above-mentioned supplies to the affected, we would need financial assistance from a community of people like you, who understand and care for the people wronged because of structural inequalities. The donations we receive will be utilized in making sure that ration, cleaning, and sanitation supplies are provided at least once a month to the deprived individuals and families. With your continued support, we will be able to increase the scope of our outreach and meet the requirements of an even larger population. 

Your support for our initiative will enable us to best utilize our resources in tracking the underserved community who are in dire need of attention. These families will be provided the much-needed supplies with which they can feed themselves, and make sure that they are keeping their families and surroundings sanitized. With the benevolent funds we receive, we will ensure that we keep working towards promoting human welfare and continue to provide essential supplies to the underserved community of the urban poor in Delhi.

You may support our initiative by making one time or monthly donations. You can choose to make a donation through this link, or write to us at info.lexquest@gmail.com for information about our requirements in detail.