Why donate?

As a non-profit, we count on your support to achieve social justice through a rights-based framework. Our mission is to use legal action and policy & research initiatives to drive change in the domains of education, human rights, environment, gender, livelihood, skill development, and healthcare.

Our extensive practice extends to law discourses & public policy deliberations, consultations, legal research initiatives combined with legal awareness campaigns, strategic impact litigation, and legal aid that lead to the immediate realization of the rights of the marginalized. Your donations assist us in the realization of these very rights. Your contributions significantly help us undertake concerted actions to mitigate the various issues that plague our society. When you donate, you ensure that our efforts are not limited to the want of funds. 


Quality education is one of the few tools available to humans to ensure self-reliance and social emancipation. This tool should be available to all regardless of their socio-economic status. However, there is a deep-rooted inequality in access to quality education in India, which is further magnified in the case of students with intersectional identities such as gender and disability. In contemporary times, knowledge dissemination through an increased dependency on technology and digital resources has further exacerbated the inequality in access to quality education for the marginalized. 

Today, one of the most pressing issues plaguing the education system of India is the gender disparity in enrolment and drop-out rates of the girl child. Therefore, a significant portion of your contributions is diverted towards giving the underprivileged girl child a level playing field by giving her access to resources that can amplify her learning capabilities.

What is the impact of your donation?

Every time you donate, we can:

  1. Sponsor early childhood care and education of an underprivileged girl child
  2. Afford resources to meet the needs of students from low-income backgrounds
  3. Lead legal awareness campaigns and legal aid initiatives in support of the marginalized
  4. Collaborate with lawyers to undertake strategic impact litigation


How can you donate?

You can donate the amount of your choice through the ‘Donate Now’ Button below. 

Alternatively, you can set up a monthly or recurring contribution with us. A small contribution from your monthly income can help us make a substantial and lasting change. 

We provide a list of initiatives that you can donate towards:

  1. Resources for underprivileged students
  2. Sponsoring the education of a girl child
  3. Legal Aid and counseling for the underprivileged
  4. Legal Awareness Campaigns
  5. Strategic impact litigation casework 

You can reach out to us for institutional donations and CSR partnerships at [email protected].

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