LexQuest Foundation (LQF) is an independent, non-profit, research and action organization, established in 2014, in New Delhi. We are striving to create, advocate, and implement effective solutions for a diverse range of development issues. Our goal is rooted in upholding the egalitarian principles of “participatory deliberative democracy”, which we believe can be achieved through facilitating societal input into policy formation.

To endorse participative governance, we engage with a broad spectrum of stakeholders, from various sections of the society to ensure that policy-making remains a democratic process. Our expertise in policy research & analysis, law, and sustainable development enables us to champion a form of policy-making that is grounded in democratic ideals. We are deeply committed to making the entire process of policy formulation bereft of its non-transparent, esoteric nature, so as to enable and accelerate public opinion and to further empower the general public. We utilize pragmatic and futuristic research to disseminate actionable knowledge to decision-makers, experts, and the general public.

Our key activities include capacity and skill-building workshops, policy advisory programs, public outreach, and stakeholder consultations. We collaborate with the government, other organizations, and individuals for impactful policy formulation and execution. We engage in advocacy programs aimed at ensuring the rights of the underprivileged, while simultaneously cultivating awareness on pressing social, economic, and political issues for the masses. 

By employing sustainable and equitable solutions through our multidisciplinary, intersectional initiatives, and programs, we are constantly working towards creating empowered communities.


To create empowered, resilient and environmentally conscious communities through an effective and transparent framework of public policy.


To make the system of public governance more equitable and accountable, by promoting active public participation and amplifying issues of vulnerable communities.

Legal Status: Registered as a Public Charitable Trust under the Indian Trusts Act, 1882. We have been granted exemptions under Sections 12AA and 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

Networks that we are a part of:

United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs

NITI Aayog

GuideStar India



Nasscom Foundation

Organisations that we have carried out projects with:




The Times Group



Organisations & Institutions we have associated with:

NITI Aayog

World Wildlife Fund, India

Centre for Science & Environment

Teach for India

WaterAid India

World Resources Institute

Swaniti Initiative

Hummurabi & Solomon Partners

Enviro Legal Defence Firm

Internet Freedom Foundation

Jawaharlal Nehru University

University of Delhi

Shri Ram College of Commerce

International Institute of Population Sciences

Gujarat National Law University


Azim Premji Foundation

Green Hills Trust

Alexis Foundation

Registered and Mailing Address: 

1/22, Second Floor, Asaf Ali Road, New Delhi-110002

Contact Numbers:

+91-8448922751, +91-9650563263