Would India be justified in doing away with the Death Penalty?-Decoding the 262nd Law Commission Report

By Vershika Sharma, National Law University, Jodhpur.

India is one of the 59 countries in the world that still retain death penalty even after the United Nations General Assembly adopted Resolution 62/149 on 18-12-2007. 262nd Law Commission Report is the outcome of references made by the Supreme Court in death penalty matters to discuss and re-examine its previous reports and suggest changes considering recent debates and allegations on the national and international front. (more…)

The Criminal Law (Amendment) Act 2013:Practically impactful or just impressive on paper?

By Shruti Sharma, Campus Law Centre, Delhi University.

RAPE- An offence which is defined under Section 375 of the Indian Penal Code, 1860. It is punishable under Section 376 of the same with maximum punishment, which may extend up to life imprisonment plus fine. Rape is considered as the fourth most common crime against women in India. A recent report of National Crime Records Bureau, 2013 shows that around 24,923 rape cases were recorded in India in the year 2012, out of which, in around 24,470 cases, which  is approx 98% of the reported cases the accused person was known to the victim, however, it is pertinent to note that the above data shows the record of only those cases which were officially recorded by the authorities The irony of the above stated data is that, most number of rape cases are not even recorded or reported to the officials. This practice is very common, mostly in rural areas of our country. If we will go by statistics, our national capital, Delhi has the highest raw number of rape reports among Indian cities. No wonder why it is called as rape capital of our county by many people! (more…)

Should death penalty be banned?

By Deepti Purwar, Law College Dehradun.

Capital punishment is a legal process where a person is put to death by the state as a punishment for a crime. The capital punishment is in the form of death. The basic purpose of criminal laws of any nation is reformation and not retribution. It is the duty of State to protect the interests of society and capital punishment may be one of the means to achieve it. (more…)