India-China Relations: A Study

By Deepti Purwar, Law College Dehradun.

The bilateral relations between People’s Republic of China and Republic of India are known as China-India relations or Sino-India relations. The relationship traces back to more than 2000 years. The modern relationship between India and China began in 1950 when India ended formal ties with Republic of China(Taiwan) and recognized People’s republic of China(PRC) as the legitimate government of China. China and India are the most populous countries and fastest growing major economies in the world. The Silk route was a major trade route between India and China. Thus, economic relations have been enhancing between them since ages. The Silk route also helped in the spread of Buddhism from India to East Asia thereby creating culture relations between the two countries. (more…)

Spotlight on the Asian Giants

By Shreya Sushil, Government Law College, Mumbai.

This, definitely can we say, calls for a fresh beginning between India and China! From strained ties to signing of 24 propitious Agreements, rays of mutual consent towards amiable neighbourhood are quite vibrant. The critics may perceive these agreements as some mere treaties on papers, the accomplishment of which is travelling in dim light. (more…)