Debating the Mid-Day Meal Scheme

By Maithili Parikh, Government Law College, Mumbai.

With the twin objectives of improving the health and education of the underprivileged, India has embarked upon an ambitious scheme of providing mid-day meals (MDM) in government and government assisted primary schools, starting from 2004. However despite the broad-based efforts of the Central Government for more than a decade and a half, the problems of anemia, vitamin deficiency, and malnutrition still plague Indian children. However more alarming than the dismal statistics on the impact of the scheme is the controversies it has generated across the country from Saran to Hyderabad and from Agra to Tamilnadu. It has been reported that the food provided by the scheme has poisoned children, causing them to fall sick after consumption. (more…)

Regulation of Online Sale of Drugs

By Saif Rasul Khan, Government Law College, Mumbai.

In this era of online shopping, one can buy medicines with a click of the mouse from the comfort of their home without going to a pharmacy. This trend of online sale of drugs is making life easier for people and can provide tremendous benefit to the consumers, including lower prices through increased competition, easier availability of drugs, ease of comparative shopping among many sites etc. Nonetheless, the concerns and pitfalls regarding the same cannot be overlooked. (more…)

Integrated Child Development Scheme: An Analysis

By Akash Agarwal, Amity Law School, Noida.

ICDS is one of the most successful welfare schemes established by the Ministry of Women and Child Development under the sole guidance of Government of India. ICDS, an integrated community and family welfare scheme had its inception on 2nd October 1975 with 33 projects all over the country. Since Independence, the children of India have been living in a deplorable condition facing harassment, malnutrition, bondage labour etc. They have witnessed an abysmal childhood without even having basic amenities of life like healthy food, clean water and proper clothes. They have lost expectation of their bright future in dark slums full of dust, dirt and dismal. Women and Children are the most backward community in India because they have not been provided importance in society, so suffered from ignorance. (more…)