Civic Architects: The Policy Workshop (Right to Menstrual Health)

In a democracy, people and their well being is at the core of an exemplary public policy mechanism, which is why proactive mass action can determine the fate of the policies that the State formulates. It is thus crucial that people demand policies on existing realities that deserve carefully crafted policies.

We believe that in the world’s largest democracy, effective public participation can turn policy making into a transparent and accountable process where the government can acknowledge issues that the people heed and demand to be resolved.

How does it work?

Civic Architects: The Policy Workshop, brings together civilians who will architect policy solutions to aid and assist the policy action on issues that remain unnoticed, even as they lurk on the fringes. The format intends to:

  • Educate you about issues that need your attention.
  • Enable you to think of policy solutions to deal with the menace such issues cause.
  • Initiate you into the space of effective mass action.

Call for Action: Right to Menstrual Health

Participants’ Age Limit : 18 Years to 35 Years

Program Date: 28th October, 2018

Venue: Malviya Nagar, New Delhi

Program Contribution: INR 800 (This covers the Workshop Material and Snacks.)

Note: This is a non-profit event. The facilitators are not paid and the contribution amount is only to cover the venue cost and hosting.

Why should you attend?

  • Develop an understanding of the lesser heard of issues of India.
  • Understand the discourse of public participation by demystifying the idea of active citizenry.
  • Engage with civil society entrepreneurs, grassroot workers and lawyers.
  • Improve upon your public speaking, group discussion and presentation skills.
  • Attain the requisite skills for policy advocacy through capacity building.
  • Be a part of a policy action group.
  • Device efficacious policy solutions which will be collated and sent to the Government.

Selection Process: Fill this form to be considered for selection. The selections will be made on a rolling basis, however, as the seat intake is limited, those who apply early will have a higher chance of selection.

Last Date for Application: 23rd October, 2018

Maximum Number of Participants: 10

Contact Details:

Email ID: [email protected]