LexQuest’s Online Certificate Course on Research Methodology

LexQuest is pleased to bring to you the first of its kind, Online Certificate Course on Research Methodology, which aims to make the student community, the professionals and the general public aware and well versed with the varied methods of Research, in the most comprehensible manner. Research is ubiquitous and an essential feature for disciplines such as law, public policy, language, literature, history and sociology, to name a few. Whatever might be the subject, research has to be an active, diligent and systematic process of inquiry in order to discover, interpret or revise facts, events, behaviours and theories. This course is designed to introduce the candidates to the concepts of Research Methodology, in the period of two months, thereby easing them into the process of Academic and Non-Academic Writing.

Duration of the Course: 2 Months. You can enroll for the Course and let us know the date from which you wish to begin. We understand your Academic and Work Engagements and have thus adopted this model, for your convenience.

Course Outline: Click here to access the Course Outline.

About the Exam: The candidates will need to work on 4 assignments during the 2 months, on the basis of which they will be evaluated.

Note: The course material and assignments will be sent to the candidates at regular intervals through email and can be downloaded and studied, at the pace the candidate is comfortable with, over the chosen period of 2 months.

Who can pursue this Course?

Anyone and everyone interested in learning something new, while at the same time aiming towards building their CV, should opt for this course. This course will act as a catalyst in taking your career in the “right direction”, i.e., the direction which you choose for it to take.

If we have managed to hold your interest this far, let us go ahead and provide you with a few benefits that will accrue to you, when you choose to take this Course:

Have been trying to get yourself published on one of those famous websites, but either haven’t had the courage to do it, or have been facing rejections from the websites you have been sending your articles to?

Wish to get published in newspapers/websites of eminence?

Wish to sail through your Research Projects/Academic Papers, that too with the marks you have always so desired?

Wish to ensure that your abstracts and research papers make the cut to those amazing conferences and publications?

Wish to participate in that Essay Writing Competition and come out a winner?

Are you a student thinking about pursuing a career in the field of law/public policy or any other discipline involving a lot of research and writing?

Are you curious about learning something new?

Bubbling with a lot of ideas but don’t know how to express the same through your writing?

Have you been thinking of starting your own blog/website since a while now, however, feel limited by your writing capabilities?

Scared of taking that leap in your career, owing to your inability to write coherently?

If your answer was a yes, to any of the questions above, ofcourse you, by now, know how this course is a GODSEND! 🙂

If your answer to all or most of the above-mentioned questions was a no, you are clearly a maverick. Consider joining our team. We are always on the lookout for talented individuals like you, who know their way with words (and research). Oh, also, enhancing ones skills through taking such courses from time to time, never hurt anyone.

Psst, you could also be this individual (mentioned above), soon! Take this Course now!

Contribution Amount: Rs 2500.

[As we are a non-profit organisation, this amount will be utilised to advance any of our organisational goals.]

You can register for the course by clicking on this link.

For any queries, contact us:

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