Online Course on Cyber Law

Computers, and technology in general, have now become an integral and indispensable part of any professional, commercial and industrial activity. The development of information technology continues to give rise to novel and complex legal problems related to the use of internet and computers. Cyber Law is the branch of law that helps regulate cyber space and it is continuously evolving with every passing day. Even the most learned legal luminaries find it difficult to solve the legal problems posed by technology.

Through this course, we seek to demystify the cyber space for the laymen and to explain to them the otherwise seemingly technical issues in a simple format. Taking this course will be beneficial for every one of you interested in understanding and learning the basic concepts associated with Cyber Laws and will prove to be the necessary launchpad for your career in this field. The scope and ambit of this course is vast and varied aspects related to ‘cyber issues’ have been covered.

Duration of Course: 2 Months (You are free to choose the dates as per your convenience.)

Exam Dates: We will provide you with three dates, after we are done sending you the Course Material. You will be free to choose the examination date, from those dates.

About the Exam: The exam will consist of 50 questions, 1 mark each. For passing, you need to secure a minimum of 40%. No negative marking.

Note: The course material (modules) will be sent as per a curated schedule, through email, and can be downloaded at and studied at your own pace over the period of 2 months.

Who can pursue?

This Course will be of immense value for Students, Lawyers, Researchers, Executives working in legal departments or anyone interested in learning the basics of Cyber Law.

The Course Outline can be accessed here.

Contribution for full course: INR 2500/- 

[As we are a non-profit organisation, this amount will be utilised to advance any of our organisational goals.]

Registration Form: You can register for the course here.

For any queries, feel free to mail us at [email protected].


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  2. Arvind Vira avatar
    Arvind Vira

    I am located in Mumbai and I am interested in doing course on Cyber Law.
    Can I get more details on the course. will there be video sessions.
    How the exams will be conducted.
    what is the valuation of the certificate issued by LexQuest.


    Arvind Vira

    1. Hello Arvind,

      All pertinent information has been mailed to you. Kindly check your inbox and revert accordingly.


    dear sir I am working on data protection and privacy issues

    1. Dear Venkat,

      You can pursue the course too. Just fill up the form. The payment details and other pertinent information will be mailed to you.