We conducted the first menstrual health management awareness-cum-training session at Adalaj Village in Gujarat, as a part of The Right to Menstrual Health Project, along with The Legal Services Committee (under the aegis of the Center for Law and Society) of the Gujarat National Law University. We engaged with the 6th grade students of the Government Girls’ School at the village. In addition to distributing sanitary pads to the class, the workshop focused on the point of menstrual health, hygiene, nutrition along with discussing the biological and psycho-social aspects related to menstruation.

Additionally, interactions with both men and women of the village, helped us assess the prevalent practices, level of knowledge and information regarding menstrual health & hygiene standards of the women and girls of the village.

The session’s interactions, findings and observations will enable us to work further towards initiating a gender sensitive and inclusive dialogue on the issue of menstrual health management in the village.