Humans have gone from relying on nature to provide for resources, to manipulating nature to produce resources as per their will. Amidst all our self-serving advancements, we may not realize the simultaneous growth of a self destructive culture growing in our periphery. It is the rapid growth of Animal Agriculture, which we need to acknowledge as it is ailing with the symptoms of massive destruction. Certain reports from the last few years have shown its adverse effects on the climate, and if countries today want to maintain their promises for conserving the environment, then a reduction in meat consumption is the ultimate step required for decreasing their carbon footprint.

This Policy Brief discusses the significance and reveals the reality of the Animal Agriculture sector across the globe with special focus on the Indian scenario. The suggested Policy Recommendations attempt to determine the fine line of harmony between man and nature and chalk out the way forward for a foolproof policy overhaul acknowledging the current challenges that need sustainable policy solutions.

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