The most developed countries, despite their vast and advanced health care facilities still cannot effectively deal with the COVID-19 situation without a top-notch approach in policy making and implementation, as is the case with the USA. More importantly, there is a strong need for action to ensure that these policies do not hinder the extension of the non-COVID related health services to avoid an even worse state of public health.

Under such circumstances, the burden is only intensified for a developing country like India, home to an already imperfect health care system, with a large number of chronic illnesses and severe socio-economic challenges to the health of the population. The colossal challenge for India is to come up with policies that cater to all of the aforementioned needs, along with the appropriate measures in dealing with the pandemic.

This Research Brief analyses the status of India’s COVID-19 response and its effect on non-COVID health services in the country.

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