The Policy Troupe: Chamba Deliberation

Learnings at The Policy Troupe: Chamba Deliberation (1st-2nd June, 2019)

We were at Chamba on the 1st and 2nd of June, 2019 for the second edition of The Policy Troupe. The city is spread out on both sides of the ‘Chaugan’ with an outstanding view of the snow capped mountains at the farther end of the street. The market area running adjacent to the District Court and several government offices makes the place look self sufficient. However, owing to the poor access, connectivity and a lack of basic amenities in the city, it’s easy to understand why Chamba is recognised as one of the most backward Districts of India.

In a course of two days, through our explorations and conversations with both, the privileged and the underprivileged local population, meetings with government officials and through the Troupe’s deliberations, varied activities and exercises, while braving the afternoon Sun and travelling the distance to this Himalayan town, we learnt the difference in the challenges of one Himalayan region from that of the other, and the role the government interventions in education or the lack of them plays in attaining the best sources of livelihood for the local population.

In the follow up to the Chamba Deliberation, we will be working to put our learnings to use so that sustainable solutions can become a reality.

Our Deliberators at both editions of The Policy Troupe seemed keen on learning beyond the limit of the designated two days of the event, and we hope that we have provided them with enough fodder to actively engage in the public policy domain of the country.