Nation-states, as they exist in the contemporary international sphere, are facing a crisis of sorts in the face of increasing globalization and the resultant intensification of processes that transcend national boundaries. This globalization operates in all realms of political, social, cultural and economic life. Cross-border migration of people is an important aspect of the modern world system that has emerged out of these processes and may be rooted in economic imperatives, natural calamities, or internal strife that forces certain sections of a nation’s population to migrate to escape persecution.

However, in response to intensifying processes of globalization, there has also been a resurgence and reassertion of nationalism within nation-states, with an emphatic concern for the protection and preservation of national borders, national culture, and national interests. Hence, nation-states are increasingly devising stringent citizenship laws, and policies to minimize their burden of immigrants and guard against infiltration by illegal migrants.

In India, these concerns regarding immigration and nationalism have acquired center-stage in the context of its citizenship laws, and the identification and treatment of those classified as illegal migrants. Thus, considering the immediate relevance of these issues, the theme of this year’s National Essay Writing Competition is ‘Immigration, Nationalism and Citizenship’.

Note: This is just the theme, and not the topic for the competition.

Eligibility Criteria:

Students/Research Scholars enrolled in any UG/PG/PhD Course, Academicians associated with any educational institution (University/College), Professionals across various fields.

Mode of Submission:

All submissions should be made only through email in MS Word/Google Document format. No other submissions will be entertained. 

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Contribution Amount: INR 200 for Students (limited to 25 years of age) and INR 500 for Professionals (Can be paid here.)

[As we are a non-profit organisation, this amount will be utilised either for the prize money pool, or to advance any of our other organisational goals.]

Date for Submission of the Essay: 30th April, 2020


1st Position: INR 5000, Certificate of Merit and Letter of Recommendation

2nd Position: INR 3000, Certificate of Merit and Letter of Recommendation

3rd Position: INR 1000, Certificate of Merit and Letter of Recommendation

Each participant who sends across an entry for the competition, will be eligible to receive a Certificate for Participation.

Guidelines and Rules:

  • The Essay must be written in English.
  • The essay shall consist of an Abstract, Main Body and References
  • Word Limit for Abstract: 300 words.
  • Word Limit for the Main Body: 2000 words.
  • Only one essay per participant may be submitted. Multiple or incomplete submissions will lead to disqualification.
  • Co-authorship is permitted only to the extent of two authors, however both co-authors need to register separately for the competition.
  • The essay should not be plagiarized. Only original essays will be considered for the competition. No part of the essay should have been published earlier, nor should it be under consideration for publication elsewhere. Any form of plagiarism will result in disqualification of the participant(s) from the competition. 
  • The participants will be required to submit a separate undertaking with regard to originality of work.
  • Copyright of the Essays shall rest with the organizers. Organizers hold the right to republish the essays if required.
  • The Essays will be evaluated and assessed based on the following:
    • Content-Clarity and Research.
    • Originality and Relevance of Research.
    • Structure and Flow of Research.
    • Relevance and Effectiveness to the Theme.
    • Presentation and Writing Effectiveness.
  • Decision of the organisers shall be final and binding in all matters pertaining to the Essay Competition.

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