LexQuest’s 5th National Essay Writing Competition, 2019

Nation-states, as they exist in the contemporary international sphere, are facing a crisis of sorts in the face of increasing globalization and the resultant intensification of processes that transcend national boundaries. This globalization operates in all realms of political, social, cultural and economic life. Cross-border migration of people is an important aspect of the modern world system that has emerged out of these processes and may be rooted in economic imperatives, natural calamities, or internal strife that forces certain sections of a nation’s population to migrate to escape persecution. (more…)

LexQuest’s 1st National Environmental Law and Policy Essay Writing Competition, 2018

Having successfully organized four National Essay Writing Competitions in the past, to promote original legal writing and research work in the field of law, we are delighted to bring to you the first edition of our National Environmental Law and Policy Essay Writing Competition. With India as the second most populous country in the world, we need to ensure that people have a big role to play to help the government achieve goals and shape successful policies. (more…)

LexQuest’s 4th National Essay Writing Competition, 2018

After the successful organization of three National Essay Writing competitions in the past three years, we are proud to announce the LexQuest 4th National Essay Writing Competition, 2018. To avoid the restriction of creativity in legal writing, the theme this time is Filling up the voids in the Indian Legal System: Shortcomings and Probable Solutions”. The theme of the competition aims at promoting an exceptional combination of creative as well as legal thinking. Being open ended, it will give participants an opportunity to work in their area of interest and bask in the exploration of the never ending stream that law is. (more…)

LexQuest 2nd National Essay Writing Competition, 2015

After successfully organising our 1st National Essay Writing Competition, 2014, we proudly present to you our 2nd National Essay Writing Competition, 2015The world is increasingly getting dependent on technology, and like any other pillar of the Government, it is indispensable for the judicial machinery to keep up with the changed/changing circumstances, to improve its efficiency.Therefore, this year, the Theme for the competition is “Need for Speed: Law on the Wheel of Technology”.

We are glad to invite students and Professionals to express their valuable viewpoints, by participating in the competition. The Theme is broad in nature; hence, the participants may take up a topic of their choice, covered under the purview of the Theme.

Theme of the Essay: “Need for Speed: Law on the Wheel of Technology”

Deadline for Registration: 30th October, 2015.

Deadline for submission: 4th November, 2015.

Eligibility Criteria: (more…)