Online Course on Evidence Law

In today’s society, there is an ever increasing amount of cases piling up in various courts throughout the country and most of the people will have to, at some point in their lives, visit the courts to get their grievances redressed. Evidence becomes the most decisive factor in deciding a case and hence it becomes extremely important for people to be well aware of it.

This Certificate Course offered by LexQuest aims to make the Lawyer Community as well as the general public aware and well-versed with the Law of Evidence in India, in the most comprehensible manner. The Lawyer and the Student communities will be the most benefited out of this course, as they are the ones who need to know the subject thoroughly. Be it a civil or a criminal case, Evidence Law is required to substantiate the claims of the parties involved and evidence is necessary to obtain an effective remedy. Owing to this, Law of Evidence is one of the most important laws that need to be understood.

This course is designed to familiarize the aspirants with the concepts of Indian Evidence Act. We will emphasize on the following areas: An Introduction to The Indian Evidence Act, The General Relevancies of Evidence with respect to others, Admissions, Confessions and all other types of specific evidences, Burden of Proof and Examination of Witnesses, etc.

Powerpoint Presentations and Case Studies of the landmark judgements shall be provided to the candidates, throughout the duration of this Course.

Articles covering core and important doctrines, theories, concepts, etc. of the Law of Evidence shall also be provided.

Duration of the Course: 2 Months (You are free to choose the dates, as per your convenience.)

Exam dates: We will provide you with three dates, after we are done sending you the Course Material. You will be free to choose the examination date, from those dates.

About the Exam: The exam will consist of 60 questions, 1 mark each. For passing the examination and earning the Certificate, you need to secure a minimum of 40%. No negative marking.

Note: The course material (modules) will be sent at regular intervals and can be downloaded at and studied at your own pace over the period of 2 months.

Who can pursue?

This Course will be of immense value to the Students, Lawyers, Researchers, Executives working in legal departments or anyone interested in learning the Law of Evidence prevalent in our country.

The Course Outline can be accessed here.

Contribution for full course: INR 2500 (Payment Link is provided in the form itself.)

[As we are a non-profit organisation, this amount will be utilised to advance any of our organisational goals.]

Registration Form: You can register for taking this Course, here.

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