LexQuest’s Online Quiz on IP Law

Update: You can attempt the Quiz now: Click here.

Quizzers Ahoy!!

Here is a shout out to all know-it-alls, to come show off their knowledge on Intellectual Property Law and win a chance to get their articles published on our website, without having to go through any application process (isn’t that amazing? No emails, no phone calls, just a fun quiz to get a publication in your name!)

Lex Quest is organizing its first Intellectual Property Law Quiz! Each of you maesters will be faced with 25 questions. The one who answers the most number of questions correctly, in the least amount of time, wins.

Ranking Scheme: We will first rank all participants on the number of questions you got correct (Let’s call this List-A). Then we will rank you on the amount of time you took (Let’s call this List-B). We will then add up both your ranks and the participant with the least number as her/his rank will win.

For instance:

X got a rank 2 on List A, but she took too much time thinking and got a rank 6 on List B. That’ll make her final rank: 8.

Y got a rank 3 on List A, and a rank 2 on List B. That’ll make her final rank: 5.

So, Y will have a better final rank than X, because well, her Flash-like abilities impressed us.

Date: February 7, 2016 (Fun Fact: On this day in 1940, Walt Disney’s 2nd feature-length movie, Pinocchio, premiered in NYC. By the way, do you know the status of copyright on Pinocchio? Is it in public domain?)

Time: Throughout the day! Every participant will be given only one chance to get maximum number of questions right, within a period of 20 minutes. We’re sure it’ll be a cakewalk for bright minds like you!

Venue: On our website: https://www.lexquest.in/

Eligibility: Anyone who is pursuing an undergraduate law course from a recognized law college in India and wants to acquire some bragging rights. Fellows pursuing an integrated Masters/PhD programmes, degrees through distance mode learning or pursuing Diploma courses are also eligible.

Registration Fee: Not a penny. Consider this the long overdue New Year’s present from our side.

Register here and check this page on the day of the quiz! You will be able to attempt the same.

Prizes: Top three rankers will get a chance to intern with us, get their articles published, and a kickass certificate to trumpet the feat. The one with the best rank will also get a 10% discount on any one of our online courses of their choice.

For any queries, leave us a mail at [email protected] and we will respond ASAP!

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