LQF’s Working Document on Penal Laws’ Reform in India

At LQF, we strive to aid all government efforts to enable better laws in India. We have tirelessly engaged with varied relevant stakeholders to be able to endorse comprehensive and constitutionally sound legal reforms in the country. We stand for the constitutional ethos and believe in the emancipatory power of law to drive social change. We also believe in the efficient application of our legal training and expertise to ensure improvement in the country’s legal landscape through legislative reforms as and when required.

Team LQF sieved through the submissions made to us by various stakeholders from across the country, and identified certain pertinent recommendations made by the legal fraternity. The said recommendations have been duly edited and compiled in this Working Document. The Working Document also consists of our very own recommendations for reforms, all of which are based on our research and exposure to the consequences of the current limitations of our penal provisions. As this Working Document is an outcome of rigorous research and efforts, we are confident that it will serve as a valuable piece of document for improving the criminal justice system of our country.

Our efforts through this Working Document are relevant to aid the resolve to improve India’s penal laws’ landscape.

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