LQF's Public Policy Toolkit

Public Policy Toolkit by LQF

While ensuring public awareness of various laws & policies, we also work to make the domain of public policy accessible for everyone. Our consistent efforts in this direction have led to the creation of a Public Policy Toolkit (Primer if you will!), which makes understanding the subject extremely simple for you! 

If you believe that Public Policy is only for sector experts to understand and make use of, our Toolkit will bust that myth and help you decipher complex ideas and intersections of Public Policy that impact each of our lives as citizens of a democracy.

While using engaging means to convey the context, meaning, and impact of Public Policy, through our Toolkit, we have tried to do the following:

  • Facilitate understanding of intersectional areas of Public Policy
  • Simplify complex theories and ideas in Public Policy
  • Help you save time and understand Public Policy with ease 
  • Provide you with comprehensive reference material

Why is LQF’s Public Policy Toolkit relevant?

Every time we cast our vote, we make a crucial difference in how Public Policy will shape our future lives as individuals and communities. Even when we don’t cast our vote, we remain essential components in the process of policymaking. Therefore, as proactive citizens who demand accountability from their government, we must be aware and understand what Public Policy connotes and how it affects us. Our Toolkit helps you comprehend the significance, impact, and application of Public Policy in our lives as citizens of a democracy.

How will LQF’s Public Policy Toolkit benefit you?

As active citizens of a democracy that often makes us question our role and significance as free citizens with fundamental rights, it’s vital that we are aware of our rights, powers, and abilities as a community and as individuals. We would therefore encourage each of you to opt for this Toolkit. Our Toolkit will definitely benefit you:

  • If you think our government needs more accountability and transparency
  • If you want to understand your rights as a citizen in a participative democracy
  • If you want to demand better policies of your political representatives
  • If you want to understand your role in Public Policy
  • If you are curious about the scope and potential of Public Policy in India
  • If you want to be a part of the domain but don’t know where to start from
  • If you think you are an aware citizen but don’t understand government actions

What does LQF’s Public Policy Toolkit consist of?

Comprising 9 Theme Modules, the Toolkit covers fundamental ideas and procedures in the domain of Public Policy. It explains the domain’s intersection with other disciplines and components affecting the mechanism of policymaking. Broadly speaking, through visual content (infographics, videos) and short readings, our Toolkit will help you understand multiple concepts concerning but not limited to:

  • Meaning of Public Policy
  • Impact of Policies on various groups of citizens
  • Deciphering Policy Cycles
  • Significance of Integral Components of Public Policy
  • Role of External Components in Public Policy 

Doubt Solving Sessions

While the Toolkit gives you access to myriad aspects of Public Policy, we will ensure that you get all the help you need to use the Toolkit better through live interactions with us! Along with the Toolkit, you get access to two video meetings to help resolve your doubts and to aid your understanding of the topics covered in our Toolkit. 

How can you get LQF’s Public Policy Toolkit?

Our Toolkit is available for access, subject to your enrollment. To retrieve the Toolkit, you can fill in the enrollment form and make the requisite donation here. Once you have completed the registration formalities, we will reach out to you and share your customized schedule to access the modules over the course of one month (inclusive of doubt solving sessions).

Donation amount: INR 2800

Why do we need you to donate to access the Toolkit?

As a not-for-profit law & policy research and action Organization, while we constantly strive to create original and quality content, we need your donations to help us continue our endeavor to keep you well informed as proactive citizens of a democracy. We depend on your donations to create high-quality, comprehensive material and invest in well-designed documents that are easy to understand and can garner the interest and attention of more individuals for maximum impact. 

Moreover, with your donations, we are able to provide access to our material to the students from underprivileged backgrounds for free.

If you can’t afford to pay the requisite donation amount but would like to access the Toolkit, please write to us at [email protected]; we will do all we can to help.

Note: All candidates will be eligible to receive a Certificate of Completion.