There is enough literature on how menstruation is a taboo, and how that fact adversely affects women’s health in the country, but what has escaped our attention is how there are no policies in place to support this process. The Right to Menstrual Health Project was therefore launched to fill the gap in the policy arena as far as the subject of menstruation is concerned.

As a part of the project, we worked on extending effective Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) training and education alongside addressing the challenge of period poverty, to channelise college students in discussions surrounding MHM, thereby securing a gender inclusive approach towards the Right to Menstrual Health discourse in our country.

Project Interventions:

Research Advocacy through Articles and Reports:

Capacity Building by enabling MHM Training and Education:

Policy Action:

Democratic engagement with students and young professionals to effectively address the lack of sensitivity surrounding menstruation and to devise the much needed policies for addressing the challenges of Menstrual Health in India.

Donation Drive: The Period Buddy Project

A Crowdfunding Campaign was launched under the Period Buddy Project to reach out to the adolescent girls in underprivileged schools, and to raise awareness among the urban population about the prevalent policy gap.


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