India, one of the most populous countries in the world, can accrue a lot of benefits from its labor market. There lies the immense potential for India to be the largest provider of skilled labor to the world. After opening up the economy, the Government realized the significance of skill development in the country, as it plays a significant role in increasing employment opportunities for the population.  

“India Skills Report” provides an in-depth data on the skill level of the supply side and the needs of the demand side of the talent supply chain. The Report is vital for comprehending the progress of skill development in the country. It is used by both the Centre and State governments to analyze the progress of their policies and to address shortcomings in improving employable talent. This Policy Report summarises the findings of the said Report from 2019, while also critically assessing its limitations. It also examines the scope of recommendations to address the most common gaps of skill development policies in India.

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