Report on the 2021 Global Conference on Health and Climate Change

In the global response to COVID-19, the WHO has repeatedly urged nations to work together as one global family to address the impacts of the pandemic. Similarly, the global health threat of climate change requires international collaboration, increased finance, and the equitable sharing of solutions. Protecting people’s health from climate change requires transformational action in every sector, including energy, transport, nature, food systems, and finance. To coherently understand and discuss the mitigation measures and health implications of Climate Change across the globe, the WHO, with the assistance of other organizations, conducted a Global Conference on Health and Climate Change (2021) in Glasgow, UK.

Rohan Girish, Research Fellow, Climate Justice at LexQuest Foundation, had the opportunity to attend the Global Conference on behalf of LQF. The Conference helped the Organisation develop a perspective on specific issues of import, further informing our research and helping align our advocacy efforts in the Environmental Domain. This report on the Conference Sessions can be utilised to inform policymakers’ and other relevant stakeholders’ actions in the said domain.

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