LQF Fundraiser for Smartphones for Female Students

Help two female students get smartphones for attending online classes

Divya and Bhoomi are studying in classes 7 & 5 respectively in Tughlakabad’s government school in Delhi. Due to the COVID-led precautions, as the primary & secondary schools of Delhi are functioning in a hybrid model, classes are still being conducted online every alternate day. 

But since both their parents leave home early for work and given the nature of their work, can’t leave either of their phones at home, and do not get back before 8 in the evening, both these children have no means to contact their teachers, receive their homework or attend online classes the entire day.

Their studies have suffered for more than a year now, as they struggled to keep up with their classmates who had access to smartphones. Being unable to afford a smartphone, their parents also fear that the daughters might drop out of school if they can no longer keep up with the lessons. Like many migrant laborers in the city of Delhi, they have high hopes for the future of their daughters, which is mainly dependent on their ability to access education.

Ideally, they need a smartphone to access their respective classes in such unprecedentedly difficult times. Through this fundraiser, we thus intend to raise money to buy two smartphones to ensure that both these girls (Divya & Bhoomi) can continue their schooling.

Please donate to this fundraiser generously. Your kindness can ensure that these students don’t have to drop out of school due to a lack of resources to access and continue their education.

We urge you to share this fundraiser with your friends, family, and colleagues to ensure that we can raise funds sooner.

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