“Phones for Good” Campaign

What can you do?

You can now donate your old phones to facilitate the access to hybrid education of underprivileged children in Delhi. 

Why this campaign?

Since the pandemic in 2020, digital education was introduced for all schools as the only viable means to ensure access to education. Later last year, even when schools reopened, they were functioning at 50% capacity as hybrid education was recognised as the only way forward for school education. 

Children from marginalized families however, especially in primary schools of Delhi can only afford one smartphone. Their parents leave home early in the day and don’t get back till late in the evening. As a result, these children miss out on attending daily classes thereby depriving them of an opportunity for virtual classroom learning everyday. While the children manage to submit school work somehow, they have no means to reach out to their teachers on a daily basis even if they face learning difficulties with school work.

What are we doing?

Our “Phones for Good” campaign is aimed at solving this lack of access owing to the inevitable digitisation of school education. We believe that if Right to Education is a basic right, right to digital education is now a natural extension of that right.

What could be an extra, discarded old smartphone for you, can easily solve this resource  gap for one child in schools of Delhi. If you possess old smartphones that are not of use for you but are in perfect working condition, we urge you to donate them for our campaign. As long as the phone is functional and supports internet receptivity, it could prove useful for our campaign.  

NOTE: We request you to be part of this campaign only if you are a resident of Delhi as intercity transit of old electronic items runs the risk of destroying the item and hence is an unnecessary hassle. Therefore, we advise you to not send across phones from cities other than Delhi. We will of course keep you posted if and when our campaign is expanded to other cities of the country.

Who benefits from this Campaign?

In our visits to the urban villages of Delhi, we learnt that out of the 637 students enrolled in one primary school, only 100 are able to conveniently access online classes on a daily basis. We thus need 500 functional smartphones which will be given away to the school going children of Delhi’s villages so that they can access hybrid classes and continue their education.

To participate in the Campaign, please fill in this form. Once we have received your form, our Team will get back to you with the specific details of donating your phones for our Campaign. You can also circulate the Campaign form link to anyone based out of Delhi you think would be interested in donating for the Campaign.

Note: Please consider supporting a lesser privileged child’s education, by clicking on the donation button below.